Medical Staff

One of the primary functions of the PIN is to support facility staff in educating others about performance improvement (PI). The PIN Education Committee works to identify the education needs of both CAH quality coordinators and the staff they work with. The Committee then provides targeted resources to meet those needs. The Committee has developed the power points on this page to support providing education to facility staff about PI.

Education Presentations

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Rural Trauma Care

Rural Trauma: We Can Do More Than We Think

Medical Staff Education

Recorded video sessions for the Medical Staff Education program:

  1. Suicide Assessment: A Guide for Primary Care Physicians and Emergency Departments
  2. Drugs of Abuse
  3. Acute Evaluation of the Burn Patient with An Emphasis on Children
  4. 2013 Documentation to Support Patient Status

Treating RSV & Acute Respiratory Distress in the ED

Program Overview

The Montana Performance Improvement Network (PIN), in collaboration with the Montana EMS for Children program, invites you to attend the first in a series of video conferences focusing on Pediatric Emergency Department situations. Dr. Carroll King, Pediatric Intensivist at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, will review current best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of RSV and respiratory distress in pediatric patients presenting to the emergency department. This course is targeted to provide clinical expertise to medical providers, nursing and other clinical staff involved with the care of pediatric patients in the Emergency Department.

Faculty Presenting

Carroll King, MD is board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics in Pediatric Clinical Care Medicine. Dr. King received her medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. She completed a pediatric residency at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and a critical care fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Presentation Handout

Champions for Quality 2014

Billings, June 20, 2014 and Helena, June 27, 2014

Presentation Handouts:

Community Paramedicine - How We Do It
Jim Upchurch, MD

Supervising Physicans: Avoiding Unintended Liability
Kim Stanger, AAL, Holland & Hart Law Firm

We Can Do More Than We Realize - 2 Rural Trauma Cases
Donald Damschen, MD, Clark Fork Valley Hospital

EMRs: Emerging Liability Risks and How to Minimize Them
Kim Stanger, AAL Holland & Hart Law Firm

We Can Do More Than We Realize - Therapeutic Hypothermia
Douglas Kuntzweiler, MD, St. Peter's Hospital

Champions for Quality 2013

Billings, June 14, 2013 and Missoula, June 17, 2013

Presentation Handouts:

Montana Peer Review Statutes and Implications of Recent Montana Supreme Court Decisions
Fritz Pierce and Kiely Keane, Crowley Fleck Law Firm, LLC

Montana's Virtual Peer Review Program Demonstration
PIN Virtual Peer Review Program

Anti-psychotic Drug Use: Clinical Perspective
Richard Ried Felix, MD, Medical Director, Neurobehavioral Medicine Services, Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Acute Management of Agitation and Confusion

Acute Management of Agitation and Confusion (with Notes)

Guideline for Prevention of Delirium

Acute/Chronic Confusion

Managing Encephalopathy in Hospitalized Patients

Anti-psychotic Drug Use: Pharmacological Perspective
David Lawless, PharmD, MBA
Clinical Director, Omnicare

Considerations for Reducing and Eliminating Anti-psychotic Medications for Behaviors in Elderly Patients

Considerations for Reducing and Eliminating Anti-psychotic Medications for Behaviors in Elderly Patients (with Notes)

AGS Guidelines - Dementia

Steps to Management of Behavioral Symptoms in Residents with Dementia
Step 1. Describe the Behavior
Step 2. Perform Assessment
Step 3. Nonpharmacologic Treatment
Step 4. Medication Management for Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia that Do Not Respond to Nonpharmacologic Intervention Alone

Drugs That May Cause Cognitive Disorders in the Elderly

Champions for Quality 2012

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Final Program Champions for Quality Great Falls and Missoula June 2012

Final Program Champions for Quality Billings July 2012

Final Program Champions for Quality Bozeman July 2012