PIN Quality Awards

PIN 2016 Quality Awards Recipients

MT Flex/PIN quality Awards Program 2016-2017 Award Criteria

“Rewarding CAHs for strengthening the quality of care in rural communities”

Hospitals must meet all criteria during the grant year to qualify. The grant year is September 1 – August 31. By meeting the criteria listed below your hospital demonstrates leadership, community, willingness to share with peers and a commitment to improvement.

CRITERIA #1: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT                                                         
Hospital must submit baseline and remeasurement data, and show improvement by any means listed below.  Estimated project launch and completion dates are in parenthesis.  Plan accordingly; dates may not fall in the same grant year. 

  • Flex QIS: Flu Immunizations for Health Care Workers (Sep-16/Aug-17)
  • Flex QIS: EDTC Project (Nov-16/Aug-17)
  • CAH MBQIP Project: The CAH may submit a project that is not guided by the Flex Grant.  The CAH must provide baseline and remeasurement data showing improvement and a description of the project and interventions. Any improvement must be made during the grant year.  Submit to by August 5, 2017.

CRITERIA #2: DATA REPORTING                                                                                        
Hospital must meet data reporting requirements for both MBQIP and the PIN Benchmarking. 

  • MBQIP: Submit each required measure in at least three of the four MBQIP domains for cased from Q3-16 and Q4-16. 
  • PIN Benchmarking: All core measure (1-26) data for Q3-16 through Q2-17.

CRITERIA #3: ENGAGEMENT WITH MT CAHS                                                                    
Hospitals must attend/complete two or more of the following networking and cohort opportunities. Plan accordingly; dates may not fall in the same grant year. 

  • DON/QIC Regional Meetings (October 2016)
  • Finance/Operational AR Cohort 2017 (Jan-17/Jun-17)
  • Flex Aligned Sessions – MHA Health Summit (March 2017)
  • M2O: Outpatient Project (Jan-16/Aug-17)
  • M2O: HCAHPS Care Transitions (Apr-16/Jan-17)
  • Finance/Operational AR Cohort 2016 (Jun-16/Dec-16)
  • Trauma PI Project 2016-2017 (May-16/Dec-16)

CRITERIA #4: PROJECT CIRCULATION                                                                              
Hospital must share one improvement project with other PIN members by any of the following means:

    • Present at Flex Regional DON/QIC Meeting or MHA Health Summit
    • Submit an article related to performance improvement to the PIN Quarterly Newsletter (send to
    • Share Lean project summaries/resources and high performing skills/resources on the PIN Website (send to
    • Flex/PIN hosted statewide webinars


AWARD DETAILS                                                                                                                

  • Activities between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.
  • Must meet all four criteria.
  • Flex will track participation and award hospitals that meet criteria.  If your hospital wishes to submit an improvement project for Criteria #1, it must be received by August 5, 2017.
  • A report card will be distributed to CAH CEOs, DONs, and QICs in March.

AWARD RECOGNITION                                                                                                        

  • Announcement and reserved seating at the MHA Annual Convention General Session.
  • Plaque with facility name, date, and improvement measure.  Plaques will be distributed and pictures taken at the DON/QIC Regional Meetings held in October. 
  • Recognition in the PIN Newsletter and PIN Website.
  • Press kit, press release, and photos taken at the Regional Meetings will be provided for hospital marketing.

LOOKING AHEAD                                                                                                                
Some projects may launch during the 2016-2017 grant year, but will be tied to award eligibility for 2017-2018.   Watch Flex Grant correspondence and plan accordingly so you don’t miss a chance to complete criteria. 

    • Trauma PI Project 2017-2018 (May-17/Dec-17)
    • M2O: HCAHPS Project (Aug-17/Nov-17
    • QIS: Flu Immunizations for Inpatients (Jul-17/May-18)

MBQIP MEASURES:                                                                                                             


EDTC 1-8

Seven sub-measures and EDTC-All



Median time to Fibrinolysis


Fibrinolytic therapy received within 30 minutes


Median Time to Transfer to another Facility for ACI


Aspirin on Arrival (dependent measure)


Median time to ECG


ED Arrival to Departure time (dependent measure)


ED Throughput: Door to diagnostic eval by QMP


ED Throughput: Median time to pain mgmt for long bone fx



HCW Flu Immunization or enroll in NHSN and user group!


Eligible Inpatient Influenza Immunization



HCAHPS responses through a certified Vendor